Wenonah Canoe is the worlds largest maker of canoes using Aramid. Add to compare. nejones1987 04/30/2016 12:34PM. ; wenonah.com Description Prospectors are back! Ok. Help keep the flying moose flying and Author. 23 $ 1,999.00 $ 1,499.00. Tuf-weave® canoes offer improved impact resistance and are a great compromise between light weight, performance, and price. We also add extra fabric layers to strengthen specific targeted areas. £1,795.00 This product is no longer available. Last Visit: 11/26/2020 03:47PM Sort by. Try using Search to find similar products. I did a lot of tandem tripping in a 15' Grumman - for up to two weeks, no problem with hauling all my gear. The Prospector 15 from Novacraft is an ideal canoe for paddlers of any ability level who are looking for a classically shaped boat, for solo and/ or tandem paddling on flat water rivers, lakes and estuaries as well as whitewater rivers. Wenonah Adirondack 16’ Royalex canoe - $1230 (Shelbyville, TN) View larger image. Seats, footbraces, and all hardware is then riveted into these plates. Available in two sizes, 15' and 16' (see separate descriptions for each). I like it a lot, paddles well and is stable. The reasons for it's success are simple. Yet you'll be pleased with its performance on the lakes, as well.This Prospector is … The 16' Prospector fits the bill for me,and handles all of the above mentioned conditions very well. call listed Wenonah Prospector 16 Royalex. Wenonah Prospector 16ft Royalex canoe with the following extras: Fixed yoke Removable bow and stern foam buoyancy aids. Using Aramid in our Flex-core layup adds a little weight, but saves some money. Wenonah Prospector 15 – T-Formex, Red, Black Trim, Curved Hung Web Seats – Blem. Wenonah Prospector 16, grün ausgewogener und vielseitiger Tourenkanadier. I really had my eye on a kevlar Wenonah Rendezvous 15'8" solo, they're only available from "Canoe Colorado". Certainly. It can be soloed but I wouldn't really want to do more then a short paddle. For myself, I greatly prefer the Nova Craft Prospector to the Wenonah in moving water. Testers enjoyed the aesthetics and comfort of its web seats, ash yoke, and wood thwarts. This Prospector is one-foot shorter and slightly wider than our Prospector 16. It has a steeply rockered hull for extreme maneuverability, extra depth for confidence, and plenty of stability. If the rivers you are going on are not rocky you can take other boats other than a royalex on them. This site has grown since 2002 from a few visitors a day to up to 10,000 We designed the Prospector 15 especially to maneuver easily, carry ample gear and run dry through lesser whitewater, such as rapids and riffles that are common on small winding rivers. We've used it for more than 30 years to construct extremely light and tough canoes. Nova Craft Prospector 15 SP3 . This proven down river hull is our version of the classic design, and the … Beautiful green in excellent condition. The Wilderness responds well when used with a kayak paddle ( such as our 260cm double blade ) for improved performance on calm water or better control in inclement weather. The Wenonah Wilderness is available in Royalex and our proven light weight composite constructions at a price for all budgets. However, the Wenonah Prospector 15 is equally at home on lakes, canals and calm seas, tracking beautifully for long distances as well as short. Unlike Kayaks a Canoe I find to be more comfortable, dry, made for 1 or 2 or more people plus dog and gear, easily car topped or in back of truck. Two paddlers and a few nights on the river it would be fine. I have one in the 16 foot length. At colder temps, the material has a tendency to contract. Wenonah Prospector 15; A review I have had the Wenonah prospector for almost six months now and have used it an a variety of conditions so feel that I am now more than ready to comment of it. Short and wide, the Fisherman delivers easy turning and lots of initial stability. This adds a bit of weight but makes for a stronger, more rigid canoe. T-Formex canoes are manufactured from multi-laminate sheets, painstakingly designed specifically for each model. Forgot your password? entgegen der Abbildung handelt es sich um ein grünes Boot, nur noch ein Exemplar vorhanden.. Ein wunderschönes Canoe mit traditionellem Flair. In our Ultra-light construction a structural-foam core and ribs are laminated into the hull and sides. Comfortable transition from primary to secondary stability. I am selling a Canoe it is a late model Wenonah 15` Heron, light 57 lbs and durable Royalex strong durable nylon webbed seats in excellent condition, asking 795.00 or best cash offer. Wenonah Prospector 16 Royalex … The Tuf-weave® layup results in our most durable composite canoes. The result is a tough canoe that is still fairly light weight. Ended up just making it solo. Hi there, Have a chance to purchase a Wenonah Prospector 15 in Royalex layup. Easy boat to paddle and take pictures and fish out of. like it's big brother the Wenonah Prospector 16, it manages to be both manoevrable and fast at the same time. I use my Wenonah Tuff weave on some rivers with a few rocks to it and I take my Souris River Kevlar on the Lower Wisconsin which is all sand. Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). We support this high volume of visitors Yet you'll be pleased with its performance on the lakes, as well.This Prospector is one-foot shorter and slightly wider than our Prospector 16. Length: 16' Materials:Materials Royalex®, Tuf-weave® Flex-Core, Flex-Core w/Kevlar®, Ultra-light w/Kevlar® The original Prospector was a river-running boat known as the work horse of the North. Royalex® canoes are incredibly tough. Plenty of room for a week or more. Two areas this boat do not excel are flat water and heavy headwinds; both scenarios are common in the BWCAW. Perfect for solo or double paddlers and more. All include a closed-cell, rigid foam core providing structure and buoyancy. Now made with T-formex, a foam core sandwich material with properties similar to Royalex including weight, buoyancy, looks, and ruggedness. SHOULD you buy it? All include a closed-cell, rigid foam core providing structure and buoyancy. But there are a plethora of better boats to take to the BWCAW. ... Prospector 15' TuffStuff. Wenonah Argosy (Kevlar Flex-Core); L: 14’6″; W: 30.25″; 43 lbs. For me, it was the best tandem tripper I ever owned, including for the BWCA. Well, if you will do some tandem and solo rivers and it's reasonable. It's slower then a lot of flat water boats on open water but I never have been more then 2-3 min behind my group. The extra layers of fabric and gel-coat finish makes these boats slightly more resistant to damage than our Ultra-Light canoes as well. I am not sure if it will fit all my needs so I am asking for any knowledge that can be given. "The Wenonah Prospector 15 is our best selling 15' Royalex open canoe by far. Buy Wenonah Prospector 15 Canoe - T-Formex Now at Company Name. visitors a day during peak season. These canoes are much lighter than polyethylene or aluminum canoes and can be built in nearly limitless designs. Kevlar Flex-core 48lb. Apr 16, 2012 - Maker's Spec http://www.songofthepaddle.co.uk/canoereviews/wenonah/wenonah_prospector15.jpg *Kevlar Ultra-light 36lb. It really shines on small creeks and rivers, Any boat that gets you out is worth it! this great site and online community alive by contributing your financial support. We add an extra fabric layer to the whole hull. We designed the Prospector 15 especially to maneuver easily, carry ample gear and run dry through lesser whitewater, such as rapids and riffles that are common on small winding rivers. Ultra-light hulls are stiff and incredibly light. * For the benefit of the community, commercial posting is not allowed. Follow the "Live Social Media" Feed from Today, we look at the 2010 designs of the iconic canoe company, Wenonah. Sign up. Don't have an account yet? Down River, Wenonah Canoe Factory Outlet - Canoes. Prospector 15′ The Prospector 15′ is a scaled-down version of our larger Prospectors that’s faithful to the original lines in every way. Aramid, the fiber used for aerospace, body armor and bulletproof vests, is amazingly light and strong. I would buy one again in a minute. Sale! But its best feature (beyond the versatile hull design) is its material: The rugged Royalex (an ABS plastic/foam/vinyl composite) bounced off rocks with no damage—while keeping the Spirit’s price tag from sinking your budget. When that contraction occurs at a different rate than that experienced by the gunwales, the hull could crack at the screws or rivets used to attach the gunwales. Designed for families and sportsmen, the Wenonah Fisherman is a stable platform for outdoor enjoyment. Handles a load fine. One thing you can do is load up those two 115 litre packs, just to get them full - even a blown up trash bag, and take them to the Nova Craft dealer and see how they would fit in the 15' Prospector. This gives a very secure connection and eliminates rivet heads on the exterior. In our Flex-core constructions a structural-foam core is laminated into the hull, orienting the composite fibers carefully to distribute loads. Text. I rated it an 8, because paddling a tandem as a solo is a compromise compared to paddling a dedicated solo canoe. along with the wonderful resources, interactive maps, and online community. This is one of We-no-nah’s foremost tripping canoes. The canoe is in good condition, there are some scratches on underside as you would expect, yoke and seats in good condition, webbing tight.